“Funk Defender of the Galaxy is coming with a brand new dance to spread across the globe”

a dance song dominated by the super distorted bass that makes your ass shake.

A tribute to James Brown to which the producer Andy Mancini gives a whole new taste inspired by the contemporary Mura Masa, Tame Impala, Bruno Mars.

Hearing it, there is only one thing left to do: raise your hands and dance!


“Mazaratee amazes for the energy he is able to release […] It’s rare to find a young artist with such cheerful and contagious rock temperament” – MTV

Mazaratee is a dance- rock singer, songwriter, musician and record producer.
He has been a regular on stage since the age of 9. In 2018 he won the MTV nomination for “Artist of the Week” with the release of his first single “Saving Love”.

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Mazaratee comes from a musical family. His mother, Patricia Lowe is a British jazz singer of Caribbean roots, and his father Paolo Serazzi is an Italian singer-songwriter and composer.

In early 2009, Mazaratee discovered Elvis Presley’s music and in just a few months, he could be seen singing on stage with Bobby McFerrin and performing around the country.

Since his early live concerts, Mazaratee always demonstrated a strong stage presence and rousing sense of showmanship, in fact, when MTV Italia spotted Mazaratee’s charisma, they recommended him to Sony Music as best Italian rock artist for a live recording during the inauguration of the new Sony Studios in Milan.

Soon after that, Mazaratee started performing also in the UK with new musicians and experimenting with different line-ups in his backing band.
From one concert to the next, Mazaratee performs with a fluid group of musicians that can be anything from an essential power trio to a big band with horn section. This allows him to often rearrange the songs and always achieve his main goal to turn the performance into a party.


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